Monday, March 17, 2014

What We're Here For ... Sailing!

Well, you knew it had to happen, we spent a good part of the day sailing today and just soaking up the good vibe of the sun, the wind and no engine. Today we made our way from Peter Island up to The Dogs which are a group of three small islands: Great Dog, West Dog and George Dog. There's also a small set of rocky crags just north called the Seal Dogs. These islands are part of the National Park and although you may think they have gone to the dogs, they are equipped with day moorings, where we made a lunch stop and time for a quick snorkel.

For the afternoon we made our way into Savanna Bay on the west side of Virgin Gorda. We hiked along this bay last year and then prepared to enter it this year by studying the charts and reading the cruising guide. It is a reef fringed bay that requires a good lookout with the sun overhead, but once you understand the bay is not too difficult to navigate. Enough said - here's the picture version of the day...

Cap'n & Crew
Nothing finer, wind in the sails.
Ok, this is pretty sweet too, wind in the hair...
Hulls slicing through the waves.
Beautiful Savanna Bay on Virgin Gorda,
Just one other boat in the bay,
Until this guy parked right on top of us. Needless to say we paid out more chain and dropped behind him.
Another day capped off with a beautiful sunset.

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