Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I Think I Was Conned

Waking up in Savanna Bay this morning Henry had me convinced that it was time to get off the boat again for a hike. Sure, the road that ran around the north-west shore of Virgin Gorda didn't look too bad, so I said, "Ok!"

First warning should have been that we had to hike over a hill just to get to the road that broke off to the north-west, but as I looked up the road that headed up to Gorda Peak it all still looked relatively like child's play. Off we went heading past Pond Bay and Katitche Point as the road steadily climbed and then would dip a bit before climbing higher. We meandered by some truly spectacular new houses being built into the hillside with equally spectactular views from their decks and infinity pools overlooking the Drake Passage and east end of Tortola. Nothing daunted we carried on until we came to the estate of the Nail Bay Resort and felt we could go no further on the road. As we reversed our treck, it definitely seemed that there was more downhill on the return which was a relief as it was now getting on to 11am and what little cloud cover there had been earlier had dispersed. I think Henry was just warming me up for the hike we have planned for tomorrow.

We upped anchor and headed out for another wonderful sail up to North Sound, passing some pretty incredible yachts on our way. This is definitely the playground of the well-heeled of the nautical set. The winds treated us pretty kindly as well with a beam-reach up the coast and then close-hauled all the way around to the entrance to North Sound as the wind direction shifted to accommodate our intended course. Normally the track we achieved can only be obtained by motoring but the wind shift at the top of the island was perfect to allow us just one final tack before dropping sails and entering Leverick Bay for the night.

Well, before we called it a night, we had a drink (or two) at the Leverick Bay Happy Arrrrrr.....


  1. Did you guys see this?

    1. Pretty sweet huh? If you look close at the ones of us at the helm, you'll see I had our GoPro on, so we have pictures of them taking pictures of us :-)