Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Getting Serious

Last November I posted that we had sold our house as Step #1 on our journey to live-aboard.  I suppose the story really started when we took up sailing in 2007.  Or, did it start when we bought Mowzer in 2009?  There are so many places this story could start, but I do know one thing for sure, now that the counter is under 100 we are definitely in the final days of life ashore.

It's been a whirlwind season of downsizing, selling and organizing.  While I've continued on at work at GENBAND, Henry's job has been to get us ready for our deadline which is now October 18.  Yes, we have plane tickets to fly from Ottawa to St. Thomas on that date so if it hasn't been sold, given away or otherwise disposed of by then, it must be fitting into a suitcase and making the trip with us.

Just for the record, here's what we've done so far and what we have left to do ... and I'm sure I'll remember something else as soon as this post goes up.


  • First contents sale and sold our house - last November.
  • Moved into Mom's house as renters.
  • Sold many antiques and books to individual dealers.
  • Held a number of garage sales to dispose of furniture and personal items.
  • Henry has lined up a buyer for Mom's house with a closing date just as we wanted, in October.
  • With the sale of the house, we have purchased our tickets to St. Thomas and a ticket for Jim to join us in St. Maarten at Christmas for a visit.
  • Working with CYOA on the installation of a number of cruiser-required/friendly items on Mowzer:  radar, AIS, ... They will also be doing the updates needed to pull Mowzer out of charter with sails, canvas, engines, etc. in good functional order.
  • Arranged purchase of new dinghy and engine in St. Maarten - to be held until we get there in December.
  • Replaced toasted handheld GPS unit.  We got this shipped to me on a work visit to Dallas and brought it back at great savings over the price in Canada, and it fit under my personal exemption for duty payment.
  • Pretty much furnished Caitlin's new apartment in Toronto - weekend trip to move her in.
  • Sold Blew By You, our boat in Ottawa - this one was a huge worry to me since it's rather difficult to sell a boat just before winter in Canada.

To Do:

  • Arrange shipping of personal items to Mowzer - good thing we'll be going through a change of seasons so it will be easy to ship summer stuff as we head into fall up here, and then ditch the fall/winter clothing as we leave.
  • Purchase of water maker, small generator, EPIRB and solar panels and arrange shipping to Mowzer.
  • Health insurance - purchase coverage - arrange required doctor visits.
  • Boat insurance - purchase coverage.
  • Sell the rest of our stuff, timing it so we have something to sit on, sleep on and eat off almost up until we leave or at least until I finish work.
  • Sell the cars.
  • There are a couple of items that I just can't find it in my heart to dispose of - will I really consider storage for them???  Not sure about this since it is frightfully expensive.  What to do with those really treasured items that just can't go to the boat and will I really care about them in the years to come?
  • Get the house completely emptied and cleaned out ready for handover to the new owners.
  • Finish up work in early October (targeting Oct. 3rd as final date).

This list is way too short and some of these will make up postings just on their own - I'm sure that Henry will have more to add so we'll grow it as the date comes marching upon us.