Monday, May 24, 2010

The Start of Summer in the North

Summer in Canada traditionally starts with Victoria Day.
We’ve had a fabulous early spring with warm dry weather – too dry for the local farmers.  This weekend temperatures have soared to 30C with good winds filling in for the afternoon up to 12 knots.  Needless to say, the sailing on the Ottawa river has been wonderful.  Our little Tanzer 26 (10’ shorter and 10’ narrower than Mowzer) is in the water, fully masted and rigged, and yesterday we enjoyed a lively sail up to Pinhey’s Point with the wind abeam from the south.  It doesn’t get more perfect than that – up here.
The next few months will be spent enjoying the summer weather that we get from May through August but never far from mind is the next vacation on Mowzer.  To that end, we’ve enlisted the company of Eleanor and John to join us on our next trip south.  Let the trip-planning begin … without too much of a schedule!