Thursday, March 13, 2014

Putting Us Through Our Paces

Watermelon Cay, St. John.

One of the reasons we came up to St. John was to connect with Dave and Alex on Banyan. We've followed their blog for the last year or so and were eager to connect, as we had with Mike & Rebecca from ZeroToCruising this time last year. Yes, we are hopeless groupies. This time however, we gave fair warning through email and when we pulled into the mooring field they were still here, so the connection was made.

We made arrangements to meet up this morning to tackle the Johnny Horn trail over to Coral Bay where we would lunch at Skinny Legs. This trail is incredibly steep up to 500 ft, which wasn't too bad in the morning but by mid afternoon with a tummy full of delicious cheeseburger and the sun beating down, was a bit more of a challenge - ok, I felt like it almost kicked my ass, but we were victorious and made it back to Leinster Bay.

What exactly are the guys checking out?
Ah, a great view of the anchorage.
Doesn't look so steep here, but man this was a well-deserved break.
The reward at the end of the trail.
Recuperative swims and siestas were in order and then we met up once again onboard Mowzer. We are having problems with the display on our chart-plotter and can't get it bright enough to see in daylight, and given they also have a Raymarine chart-plotter, hoped that Dave might be able to 'shed some light' on the problem. Not for want of trying the chart-plotter is still dim but we had a great afternoon swapping stories and getting some great tid-bits of info for when we're out here full-time.

As we've said in the past these are special days when we make connections like this. A few hours spent on a hike, a few more sharing a drink (or two), and we hope we will have the chance to meet up again in some anchorage on some island; who knows where our paths will cross again.