Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Up To The Top And Back Again

Yesterday's warm up hike had me prepared for this morning when we awoke with the sunrise. Before it got too hot we headed ashore at Leverick Bay to tackle the hike up to Gorda Peak. Last year when we were here we had made it to the top from Spanish Town at the southern end of the island, but only with the aid of a taxi to get us to the top. This time we were determined to do the hike unaided with the distance to the top from Leverick much shorter than from the other direction, but as a result much steeper in places.

Picture postcard view of North Sound
The views as we approached the top became stunning, and I think we were more encouraged, knowing what great views there are from the top. Up until the last few hundred feet we were on the main road, but the last 15 minutes or so were spent hiking the trail in the national park.

We were definitely ready to Lime at this point
At the very peak of the mountain, at 1370' there is a viewing platform just above the trees where we gladly took in the sights and the cooling breeze.

This bird is definitely "free range". Catch him if you can!
The way back down was easier on the legs and heart and gave us more pause to look around. North Sound Village was home to a very friendly shopkeeper who welcomed us in to browse through her selection of frozen meat and fresh veg, but I think it was the cooling effect of the freezer that was most welcome! We couldn't resist the good-looking ribs that had just been shipped in from St. Martin though, so they will be on the menu in the next day or so.

Don't look over the drop off, it's a long way down.
The village of North Sound
For such a tiny village there were a number if venerable institutions proclaiming themselves.

In the afternoon a shower threatened, but never materialized past a rainbow overhead as we listened to the onshore entertainment that wafted out over the anchorage.

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