Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Day on the Dock

With Mowzer having been out of the water for an extended amount of time, the folks at CYOA have had their work cut out for them over the last week getting her ready for our arrival and the follow-on charters after we leave. Lots of jobs had been completed and just a couple remained before we can push away from the dock.

So, knowing this is to be savoured, we headed off for the morning in our rental to do groceries, leaving those boat jobs behind. On our return we found B had fixed a leaky thru-hull - definitely a good thing to keep the sea water out of our bilges, N replaced the head light fixture that had gone non-functional and C had been up to the top of the mast to repair a cracked VHF antenna fixture. This was all before lunch and what amazes me is that each if these jobs would probably take us a day to prepare for and complete. Nothing daunted, in the afternoon, B and C took on the leaky port window. We had witnessed ourselves the extent of this leak in the rain yesterday afternoon as the water streamed in the top of the window and ran down to the drain in the shower - so happy that this leak occurred in the head and not the berth!

The guys got busy with various nasty-sounding tools and after a 2-hour struggle were able to get the window pried away from the hull. Other owners who have tackled this job and posted about it online have all sworn that it is a difficult job, and they weren't kidding.

The afternoon brought more rain, heavy at times, but it let up in time for the window to be reset and clamped for an overnight cure. Hopefully it will all be set and ready for us to head off tomorrow.

We treated ourselves to dinner at Hookline & Sinker. Perhaps this guy was on the menu tonight?