Friday, March 28, 2014

Back to CYOA

Book-ending the weather seems to have become a habit for us. We left the docks at CYOA a little over two weeks ago after a couple of days of squally weather in Charlotte Amalie and we returned today dodging squalls for the most part of the morning. The only other rain we have seen in the last two weeks was the squall that we got caught in on the sail up to Anegada.

Like a homing pigeon though, Mowzer made her way back to St. Thomas where we fueled up at Crown Bay before settling onto a mooring at Frenchtown Marina.

Approaching Charlotte Amalie we listened to the U.S. Coast Guard making securite announcements on the VHF that the main channel into the harbour was closed due to the International Sailing Regatta. It was quite interesting listening to the motor yacht behind us persuading the Coast Guard to let him enter so he could make his customs appointment for his passengers at 2pm, and we followed up with our own conversation as we maneuvered around the launch escort to confirm that we could enter via the East Gregory Channel. I actually found it interesting how friendly and casual the coast guard were on the radio; very easy to understand but quite a bit more conversational than I expected. On the other hand, getting the fuel dock to acknowledge our call took a bit more effort.

International Sailing Regatta action outside Charlotte Amalie harbour.
Coast Guard provides an escort through the action in the harbour.
We whiled away the afternoon in conversation with Jay discussing many of the updates and modifications we have on our list; he is a fountain of knowledge and full of great ideas.

The CYOA fleet looks poised like race horses.
Now, we're just getting ready to head out for our traditional last dinner in St. Thomas at The Pie Whole; wonder what they'll have on tap tonight?

The face of a happy, relaxed sailor thinking about what's on the menu? I think yes!

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