Monday, March 24, 2014

Another Fine Sailing Day

... But not before we consumed a delicious brunch selection from Da Loose Mongoose at the edge of the bay to the sounds of a lovely tin pan oddly paired with a background track of Hotel California and others similar. Definitely catering to the older cruising crowd but we still couldn't complain about the setting, the view or the food. Lobster benedict for me and a 3-egg omelet for Henry.

Mowzer on a mooring ball in front of The Last Resort, the restaurant on Bellamy Cay.
We could almost dabble our toes in the water from our breakfast seats.
Our companion may have had a little too much of the rum punch last night - this was her sleeping position and not just a stretch.

Aragorn's Studio is an arty hangout and interesting to browse through but definitely not for the faint of wallet if you wish to purchase. We wandered through and admired some of the works, but kept our wallets safely tucked away.

It is nice to see all the locally produced artwork and the entrance is very alluring.
Some of the artwork is created right on the beach in the shade of the Manchioneel trees.
Our lazy Sunday morning had now ticked away and it was time to push onto the next destination. We had Jost Van Dyke in our sights, but weren't sure that Mother Nature was in agreement with us. Such a pleasant afternoon but with winds under 10 knots it was going to be a slow downwind sail to our evening stop. Nothing daunted (it was so tough!) we carried on and surprisingly made our destination about 14 miles away by late afternoon. We'd had no wave action, minimal swell and an assisting current to help us along with the 10 knot winds so we pulled into Diamond Cay at the east end of Jost in time to fire up the BBQ and prepare a wonderful feast of ribs for dinner.

Spinnakers set, if you have one. We kept pretty good pace with our genoa/main combination.
Wilson?? Just happened to capture the popular spot of Sandy Spit looking relatively deserted.
Along the way we had a brief visit by a dolphin, saw our first flying fish of this trip, were greeted by a huge sea turtle in the anchorage and watched the antics of the pelicans in the bay. However, the only picture I managed to get of any of the wildlife today was this unnamed bird on a guana covered rock.


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