Sunday, March 16, 2014

Lazy Day

Great Harbour, Peter Island

The weather may be about to change a little, but man these nights of calm conditions with no middle of the night treck to check the anchor set can never be taken for granted. We awoke once again to calm conditions and despite best intentions, just stayed put for most of the day. A little cooking, a little planning and a little socializing saw us through to dinner.

We've come up with a rough plan for the next two weeks that we'll spend in the BVI before heading back to the USVI. We're going to head up to Virgin Gorda for the next few days and then if the sailing is good, take the leap up to Anegada; if nothing more than for the good sail that it usually affords. Then we'll head back to Jost Van Dyke before checking back into the USVI for a few more days on St. John. Oh, and we might take a little excursion on Tortola since we realized that it is one island we have never really explored.

Nothing very eventful happened today. We watched the comings and goings in the anchorage and this evening finds us looking like the small-fry among the very big toys!

No inferiority complex here!
They deployed this both days we've been here but funnily enough we haven't seen anyone use it.
A quick shower brought out a rainbow at the end of the harbour.
We walked over to the Peter Island Resort for a happy-hour drink and met a very nice couple from Ohio that we chatted with in the bar. While the beer was nice and cold and not a bad price, we couldn't get over the price of the rooms on the resort (not including meals and drinks) the cheapest room in the place is during hurricane season at $400/night and right now a beach-front room would run a cool $1280 - yikes!

Blue, blue, blue...
This is actually a working harbour for the fishermen.
Our backdoor neighbour tonight.