Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Just in case you needed proof

OK - I must have been on my 2nd or 3rd Painkiller when I posted.  I've fixed the link below for the correct site and apparently it is March now - oops (thanks Peter!)

Henry and I haven't come up with some elaborate hoax with hoarded photos and escaped off to Whistler or somewhere else snowy (enough of winter already). We were caught on film (what is the equivalent in today's digital age?) by BVI Yacht Shots in the Drake Passage as we made our way up from Peter Island on Tuesay.

Check out, click on photos and select Yachts March 2014. Then search for Undefined CYOA March 17. The irony is that I had our GoPro filming at that time and got pics of the guy in the RIB but I don't have near the telephoto that he does so he looks pretty small out there.


  1. I think you want: and Yachts March 2014 - but they look like nice pics - site is kinda slow to load though :(

    1. Thanks Jim - like I said, too many painkillers at Leverick! Not sure about the site speed, but still fun to see.