Thursday, March 21, 2013

Return to Anegada

While we were having a blast in North Sound, in part we were actually waiting for the high winds and unsettled weather to pass so we could hop on up to Anegada, the most northerly of the BVI islands. On the flip-side, the winds are forecast to drop right off later in the day Thursday and through Friday and we wanted to get while the getting was good, and not resort to motoring the crossing. Just as planned (don't you love it when plans work out), we had 10-12 knots of wind on the beam and we had a truly fabulous sail across to "the drowned island."

The morning parade of Anegada-bound boats
SOG = speed over ground. We zipped along and the trip was almost over before we were ready.
Errands on Anegada consist of deciding where and when you'd like to eat your sunset dinner and what mode of transportation you'd like to use to get around the island. Choices abound - by foot (the island may be flat but it is fairly big), by bicycle (did that a couple of years ago with Jim and the powdery sand is pretty heavy-going), by scooter (lots of fun, did it a year or so ago), by rental car/jeep or by taxi. We opted for car rental so we booked one for tomorrow and then given all that strenuous activity proceeded to relax over conch fritters and rum punch at the Reef Hotel. Oh, and by the way, we're having spaghetti aboard tonight and will decide on dinner tomorrow. More than one big decision in a day on Anegada can get stressful.

The beach at the western end of the island goes on and on and rivals some of the best we've seen. The special part is that there is no development (other than a couple of beach houses and a little restaurant) and even if you meet other people you quickly have the beach to yourselves if you walk just a little bit further. We walked all the way to the end, about 3 miles and then turned with the setting sun behind us and a cooling breeze on our faces and made our way home to Mowzer.

These little shore-birds accompanied us along the beach.
Hard to describe perfection.
These donkeys were munching up sea-weed for a dinnertime snack.

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