Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cloudy Arrival

We're back and Mowzer looks great as usual. As Jan said in the office, "Welcome home!"

This is our trip of no plans. No big excursion or itinerary set, just two and a half weeks of relaxation and island hopping, most likely up over to St. John and then up into the BVI. With the time that we have and provided the winds co-operate we might make it up to Anegada and we're also quite interested to return to North Sound which we have missed the last few times we've been up that way. We've read of some interesting hikes up above Gun Creek or Biras Creek so we'll see what we can discover.

Surprisingly it is overcast and quite cool here today. I think they knew on the plane cause they froze us out on the flight down; no need to prepare us for the blast of hot air as we exited to the runway. Of course it's all relative and we still appreciate that there is no snow on the ground and no frost to scrape off a windshield.

Henry getting us all shipshape

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