Thursday, March 21, 2013

In Honour of the Baja 1000

Ok, we'll get this little detail over and done with. As planned we rented a little car to tour around on Anegada and the rental agreement distinctly said we had to stick to only roads that were marked on the map. Here is a sampling of said roads.

Needless to say, with patience, the judicious use of some rocks and a 2"x6" we did manage to dig ourselves out. I know we're missing the cold weather back home but we didn't need a reminder of what it's like to be stuck in a snow-drift!

Despite our little adventure, the day was perfect and Anegada delivered once again for it's pristine beauty and the friendliness of the locals. We returned to Flash of Beauty for roti lunch, snorkelled in Loblolly Bay, had a rum punch at Big Bamboo, found the pink flamingos, missed on Cow Wreck beach to our little dig-out delay and then returned to the Reef Hotel for lobster and mahi mahi dinner on the beach. Any other ideas of what paradise should be?

A hard day in the salt mines?
We may not have made it to Cow Wreck, but we found a cow wreck
Flash of Beauty ambassador and roti scrounger
Loblolly Bay
The snorkeling was just fine.
Nope, this chair's too comfy to move
The elusive flamingos in one of the salt ponds


  1. Haha you guys got stuck in the sand, lol

    1. Well d'uh, we sure did! But believe it or not, team-work prevailed and we got unstuck ourselves and didn't have to call for a tow.