Thursday, March 28, 2013

North Sound Revisited

Ok, on the off chance we sound like groupies here, we'll get this out of the way immediately. Yes, we have what might be termed a small addiction to a blog Zero To Cruising. Mike and Rebecca Sweeney set off from Kingston, Ontario about 3 years ago to cruise south on their PDQ catamaran and we have followed their trials, tribulations and learnings ever since.

When we arrived down here we realized that they had made the trek up from Grenada and were in the BVI, but serendipity had us crossing paths as they had to exit to the USVI just as we were heading east. Again, as we were heading from Virgin Gorda over to Trellis Bay earlier in the week our paths crossed and then finally we connected back in North Sound yesterday morning.

We anchored in Leverick Bay this time which is across the sound from where we were earlier and spent a bit of time exploring this area up to Gun Creek, the end of the road on Virgin Gorda. The other resort areas are only accessible by water. Gun Creek is a bustling little community that includes a customs and immigration office (we were able to check into opening hours for our check-out all around the Easter Holidays) and also the water taxi that transports workers to the various resorts as well as anyone else who wants to get around. We picked up some last minute groceries and enjoyed a bushwacker at Jumbies before heading back to Mowzer.

In the afternoon Mike and Rebecca and their friends Kirk and Donna (from Ainulindale) joined us for drinks/snacks and most interesting conversations about their experiences as they have travelled down the east U.S. coast and as far south as Trinidad. We explored all sorts of topics from the social politics of the cruising community to the rules, regulations and realities of head pumpout (sewage disposal for those wondering).

As our time down here winds to an end, we now need to make our way back toward the USVI, so we're off this morning west-bound and will most likely head to St. John for a couple more days of exploration. If our web connections goes down we may be quiet for a while - basically "off the grid" in St. John.

ZeroToCruising with Ainulindale just behind them
Doesn't matter what your boat is like, if you paint it blue and yellow it's pretty

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