Saturday, March 23, 2013

Another Boat Day - with a surprise ending

We awoke having spent an exceptionally calm night in Lee Bay and headed off to shore to explore the little bit of National Park that makes up the saddle and hill between Lee and Cam Bay. The views were of course exceptional and we enjoyed the chance to stretch our legs a little.

For the day, we decided to stay put and enjoy the bay, snorkeling on both sides and finding many little fish including a little 'buddy fish' that swam right close to us during our entire foray across the bay. In fact, we had never experienced this behaviour before but just read about it on Paul Shard's (Distant Shores) Facebook page and this little guy was just the same. He swam right in front of my mask or with my outstretched hands and we think he was using our bigger bulk as protection against any predator fish that might be interested in a snack.

See the little fish right in front of my mask - now imagine him fluttering there the whole time you're swimming
It's not often you get to swim with Pelicans

As a surprise ending to the day, we invited the couple from the boat anchored next to us over for sundowner cocktails. Paul and Elka were fascinating company with much local knowledge to share. We are thrilled that they have invited us to go exploring in the morning and we'll report back on our adventures.

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