Friday, March 15, 2013

BVI refreshments

Sitting at West End in a beautiful warm breeze and the best tropical cocktail, a Painkiller sitting on the table in front of me. Ahhhhh, the true cost of wifi, only $15.00!  Yikes.

We spent the night at Maho Bay on the north shore of St. John and once the sun came up it warmed up considerably from the last couple of days. We looked off the back of Mowzer and there above us were some ruins sitting high atop a hill. We said to ourselves, lets hike up there! The ruins are the remains of an old guest house or a rum runners headquarters, or maybe both. We made it up to the top and were treated to fabulous views (pictures of which I will have to post later since I don't have our camera with me right now) right across Mary Point, up to Jost and Tortola and the Drake Channel.

Back to Mowzer for a light lunch and then over to Soper's to check in to the BVI. After a long hot trek up to the Digicel outlet to discover that we have to go into Road Town if we want a data card for the iPad or Blackberry, we've come back for a cold drink.

Ironically as we checked up on the latest news, we note that Zerotocruising, who we hoped we might meet up with, must have passed right by us yesterday and they are now on the east end of St. Thomas. As they say, "ships in the night".

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