Friday, March 22, 2013

Return from Anegada

We really didn't get moving too fast this morning but given that the sun comes up and awakes us around 6:30am, a 9:00am departure from the anchorage felt a bit like we'd been lazing about. The winds died last night and the views at Anegada were serene this morning.

Even though the winds were predicted in the 8-10 knot range we headed out and had another fabulous beam sail with winds at 10-12 knots. As we sailed down past North Sound, the big boys that we had seen out practicing in the Sound were out in full form getting ready for what we heard was a race around the island. These guys are big - full complement of crew and loads of sail area and even at a distance are impressive.

We headed down to Marina Cay on the east end of Tortola to fill up on water and top up our diesel tanks. We probably don't need fuel before our return next week but filling up takes all the worry out at the end of the trip. We definitely needed water though with about 1/4 of our tank remaining after a full week out.

Trellis Bay offers a grocery store and in order to keep us happy we needed some more butter for another batch of tea biscuits. Not to be missed, we are making sure we get the most out of our "Drinking Man's Guide to the BVI". We picked up this tome a couple of years ago and included are coupons for half-price and 2-for-1s so we are doing the tour. Today was the CyberCafe for some TurboKillers that were exceptionally delicious.

The evening ended up on the anchor in Lee Bay on Great Camanoe Island where we watched the pelicans fish and the sun set. The end of another perfect day.

This pelican does a great Darth Vader impression
Lee Bay - breezes flow across the saddle from Cam Bay

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