Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Time Marches On

I awoke this morning after another hot sweaty night, listened to the morning net where it was announced that another end-of-month jumble sale would soon be taking place and that another full-moon dinghy drift is being planned.  Normally, event announcements just have me making a note on the calendar but what really got me thinking about these two in particular is that they will mark the end of our second month in Grenada.

Really???  Two whole months!!

I know I've said this before but I can't believe how the time is flying by down here.  We have of course been participating in the numerous social offerings and have tried to get out and about the island at least once a week for a hike or Hash event.  We have also been busy planning our next round of boat work and once all our bits and pieces arrive in Grenada we will have to knuckle-down and get to work to be ready for the next cruising season.

Lots of thought going on here between Henry & Rej, figuring out a new solar panel configuration.  Gotta love a bar that provides both 110V & 220V outlets of various configuration right above the tables for all the international cruisers.

Out and about on Grenada, following this cow and calf up the road and around many bumpy corners which had them scrambling to keep their footing on the truck.

This week also marked "somebody's" birthday, which he got to celebrate with two other friends with birthdays around the same date.  We marked the events with a pig-roast on the beach on Sunday and lots of good friends.

Starting the day with pancakes, bacon and our carefully guarded supply of Ontario maple syrup - yum!

We gathered at the beach for some serious limin', and cheers to Henry, Brita and Jackie.

Trying so hard to blow out the candles that just wouldn't stay lit.

Henry has diligently turned his attention to organizing league play on the volleyball court - who knew my stature-challenged hubby was so into volleyball, but since it is the most serious competition around here it's not surprising that he has gotten involved.  We now have volleyball keyed up for play everyday of the week except Saturdays (when we Hash instead) and the prep is starting for the big tournament in October.  The level of play is definitely improving and most interestingly the teenagers have taken it upon themselves to bring defeat to the adults so they are practicing day - and night, with the lights turned on.  I have no doubt that the adults are going down!

Yesterday we set off for another hike up in the rainforest, this time at The Seven Sisters waterfalls.  With development at the site, this turned into a bit of a stroll rather than a hike but there were some very tricky bits we would not have attempted without our guide Naquan.  Here's the pictorial view of our hike ...

Loaded up in Devon's van and all ready to head out for adventure.

Brand new steps and a rail have been installed to make the descent a whole lot easier than the river scramble it apparently used to be.

Eleven of us headed out - some of the crew making the descent:  Wendy, Gavin, Jackie, Carla, Robert & Dave.

We eagerly peered upward to see if we could spot a Mona monkey in the bamboo - unfortunately they were playing more "hide" than "seek"

Zip lining stations have been built but stand silent at the moment awaiting settlement of a land dispute.   They will most likely be in operation by the winter cruiseship season.

Naquan lent us a hand as he led us up the river to the Honeymoon falls.

Tucked into the secluded greenery, Honeymoon falls descend into a heart-shaped pool.  Could there be anything more romantic to share with 10 other sweaty hikers? ;-)

Making our way back down the little cascade below the pool.  It was difficult to get a grip with the water trying to push your foot off the rocks.

Adding to the drama, streaks of sulphur line the cliff walls in bright orange banners.

Our intrepid group at the lower two falls:  Gavin, Catherine, Robert, Carla, myself, Dave, Jackie, Wendy, Bill, Judy, Andy.
I just happened to have picked this picture where some were trying to imitate the monkeys we couldn't see - lots of fun on the trail with this group.

Its hard to get the feel of just how magnificent the rain forest is when in its depths.  This little opening by the river gives a feel for the surroundings - green, green, everywhere.

First in - Andy!

Cold fresh water falling from the volcanic lake at Grand Etang.  So refreshing!

We didn't want to come out until all covered in goosebumps, such a rare happening here on Grenada.

One last swim under the waterfall for Bill & Wendy.

Naquan entertained us with a jump from the top of this 45' waterfall while Dave looked on.

Naquan - soccer player and nature guide - most of all just a wonderful spirit.

Near the end of the hike we were offered up a 'shoe shine' to get the mud off our shoes.  We all happily stood in line for this service.

Andy offered up a muddy foot, and perhaps had just a little bit of mud cleaned off his legs as well.

This variegated Hibiscus bush was a new one for me. 

A happy hiker and guide.