Saturday, October 3, 2015

Golf - Grenada Style

Back home in Canada we used to golf every week throughout the summer with a great group of friends (substitute curling in the winter and we were pretty inseparable!)

Living on a boat in a salty environment made us think twice about continuing one of our favourite activities and so with great sadness we left our clubs behind, hopefully for the occasional visit.  Last June saw us back out on the links on our visit home but apart from those one or two rounds, we haven’t picked up clubs for the past year.

We’ve tried to ignore the pictures and posts on Facebook from this past northern summer as friends once again tested their patience with the infuriating game, but finally as they are donning their cold-weather gear and getting ready for the curling season, we decided to get back out there on the links.

Brita, our resident social director immediately got to work on figuring out the hows and wherefores of golf on Grenada and before we knew it we had a group of eight, the location, a tee-off time and a bus ride!  Have I mentioned how hot its been down here for the past few weeks? - so hot that sitting here typing puts me in a drippy, nasty lather of sweat.  Is golf really something to undertake in this heat?  YES - but only if we start early and only play nine holes!

The Grenada Golf Club sits nestled into a bowl in the hills just south-east of St. George’s and has been there since 1936.  A simple concrete building serves as the clubhouse with a lovely view over the little 9-hole course and a glimpse of the seas in the distance.

A teaser snip of the sea to the south.

Freshly cut fairway and ninth green.
We divided up into two teams, experienced and novice players mixed together and set off with our caddies, Samuel and Sean.  Other than Brita, who somehow fits a set of clubs (and a bicycle) on her boat, we all rented clubs and pull-carts, but apparently the club only has six pull-carts so for the first time in my life:  I golfed in the Caribbean, I had a caddy and, I had my clubs carried!  I could totally get used to this ;-)

Our foursome comprised of Brita (lady of the clubs), Devon (local Grenadian and apparently an awesome cricket player), Steon (Norwegian dive buddy of Brita’s) and myself, while the other group was made up of Henry, Dave, Jason and Ken.  With our caddy pointing out the way through the criss-crossing fairways we whacked (hacked!) away at the balls all under the watchful eye of Ginger, the local dog.  As I mentioned, Devon must be a great cricket player - with elbows cocked and a short quick swing he could blast the ball out at least 200 yards.  I think we have a new convert to the game!

Brita, Steon, Devon and myself in our foursome.

Dave, Henry, Jason & Ken in the other.

Devon and his awesome cricket stance.

The only water on the course and what Samuel called "his island".

Steon practicing his swing.
Did I also mention that we were a bit lacking in the footwear department?  Flip-flops and running shoes (hash shoes?) seemed to be the wear of the day although Brita opted to get a better grip on the rock-hard tee-boxes with her toes.  It seemed to work quite well!

Rough, scratchy, Caribbean grass between the toes.

Ninth hole tee-shot - still doing fine.

On the ninth hole, Samuel stepped up to put the ball on the green with his iron shot off the tee.

Devon putts out his first round of golf, ever!

One happy foursome.
With perfect timing as the sun rose higher and hotter into the sky, we neared the end of our expedition, happily sighting the cold beer and shade of the club-house as we awaited the arrival of our second group.  Ordering a round of cold Stags and Caribs I glanced at my watch as I gulped down a cold refreshment - could it really only be 10 o’clock in the morning??!

The guys putting out with a little advice from Sean.

Ken's done, now it's Dave's turn.

And now Henry's.

Another happy foursome ... question though, what were you guys doing with all those tees?

Ready for a little refreshment?
Camp Grenada continues to deliver where even the most familiar activity becomes an adventure in it’s own right and all the better shared with friends, just like back at home!

Thumbs up for the Grenada Golf Club!  Devon is still practicing his swing ;-)

Our lovebirds - and we love you guys!!