Thursday, September 10, 2015

A Flighty Visit & Livestock Bingo

When we left Canada, our trusty feline companion of 15 years did not join us.  Sadly, Minnie succumbed to illness a few months before our departure.  I often feel the emptiness of being a home without a four-legged friend, but whenever ashore there are plenty of cruising dogs and other assorted animals to make friends with.

Recently however, we've had some seriously different encounters.

Our new friend Carlos (from Brazil) travels on his boat Namaste with a parrot and a dog.  As we sat on the back of the boat the other day watching the anchorage, off went Carlos in his dinghy with the dog avidly perched on the front with the same grin on his face as a dog with his head out the car window.  Perched on Carlos' shoulder was Lauro the parrot - making Carlos look truly piratical!

On the return trip the little menagerie stopped by for a visit and Lauro even came aboard to sing a beautiful Brazilian tune.

Our next encounter was a little more hands-off but gives a pretty good idea of what life is like here on Grenada.

As we wander around the fields and roads, both in town and out, we often see livestock tethered in among the trees:  goats (tails up), sheep (tails down), and cattle, with chickens of all colours running free.

Well, last night we decided to partake in the weekly Bingo shenanigans at Prickly Bay and once the prizes were announced we were seriously considering what we might do with the winnings.  Along with good cash prizes, the three big awards included a little more than the just dollar bills.

  • 1st game prize:  cash ... and a rabbit
  • 2nd game prize:  cash ... and a pig
  • 3rd game prize:  cash ... a rabbit ... and a pig ... and a goat
All livestock very much alive and kicking.

It's really hard to see in this blurry photo but there's Darren calling the bingo numbers on the left and over on the right is a pull cart with a pig in it (not visible) and standing in front of the woman in blue is the little goat.

Roti anyone??