Monday, March 12, 2012

Two Weeks to Go

On the countdown now until our departure for Mowzer and the planning and excitement is beginning to grow.  Its been a busy winter and recently with a fair bit of work travel, our upcoming three-week respite is much-anticipated.

Given that we will be aboard for almost a week longer than any of our previous trips, we have a few things planned, without trying to plan too much since of course weather rules and best laid plans stand the risk of getting doused.

Did you know:
  • We still haven't finished our Canadian registration of Mowzer so we hope to move this one step closer to completion.
  • It is approx. 90nm from the Virgin Islands to St. Martin/Sint Maarten,which involves an overnight sail to get there.
  • I have completed sewing courtesy flags for Saba, France, Netherlands and Sint Maarten.
  • We have purchased new vented walking/water shoes made by a French company, called Glagla's.  Not sure that the French really have a handle on what makes a memorable marketing name in North America but I am hopeful these shoes will really rock on the Caribbean trails and beaches.
  • Did I mention "3 weeks"?! 

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