Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dedicated to Caitlin

Our post today is dedicated to Caitlin for her birthday. Wish you were here with us but until we figure out the whole tele-transport thing we'll just have to celebrate long distance. Hope you have a fabulous day and excellent adventures in the coming year!

And now back in paradise, the adventure begins. We started of with a little taste of other beautiful places to explore as our flight was redirected down the east coast to avoid a low pressure out over the Atlantic. We crossed coast of Georgia and then proceeded down the coast of Florida until turning left at Cape Canavral and skirting north of the Bahamas. We flew over the Abacos, Marsh Harbor and Georgetown, could see the Exumas in the distance and then finally the Turks and Caicos to the south. The turquoise blue was so intense, highlighted by swirls of white sand on the banks; can't wait til our adventures take us there one day. The photos don't really do it justice but I was able to capture a glimpse with my iPad camera.

An evening of provisioning and a great little dinner in Red Hook for a change and then we settled in on Mowzer to make her feel like hime for the next 2.5 weeks. Monday morning saw me resurrecting the habit if an early morning walk through town and up the 99 steps with Jan - thanks Jan for only making me do the steps once! (Can you call it a habit when it is the second time-I sure hope so!) The weather forecast is as calm as we have ever seen it and a haze has set in so you actually can't see the surrounding islands. Don't know the cause (Sahara dust, humidity, volcanic activity) but hopefully a breeze will come up and clear it away soon.

We spent out first night out in Leinster Bay on St. John before crossing over to Soper's Hole to do our check in/out for the BVIs. The plan is to head for St. Martin tonight given that the weather forecast looks good. We may be motoring for the 90 miles but it sure beats 25 knots if wind straight out of the east! Before that we have a haul out planned at Nanny Cay, to complete a measurement for our Canadian registration so we should have an interesting post the next time we get a connection. Stay tuned, lots more to come...


  1. Was just thinking of you and nautical adventures. Enjoy the trip to St Martin.

    John and Eleanor

  2. Hi John and Eleanor,

    Glad to hear from you and hope that you'll be back in paradise soon too!

    C & H