Sunday, December 4, 2011

Saturday: Hawksnest and On Our Way Home

The winds came up and the northerly swell returned so we had a bit of a bumpy night at Hawksnest, but just as planned we headed off for one final hike up to the top of Margaret Hill on the west end of St. John.  The hike was not particularly long but took us up to 800’ and fabulous views of Cruz Bay and the Pillsbury Sound between St. John and St. Thomas.
IMG_4608 IMG_4610
The trails on St. John are all maintained by the park volunteers and they do a fabulous job of what can be pretty rough terrain..
Given that when we returned to the big boat it was getting really rolly with the swell, we decided to pick up and head on to Christmas Cove where we spent one last afternoon lazing in the sun and getting in one last snorkel.