Monday, November 28, 2011

Saturday: Anegada to Jost Van Dyke

Forecast:  Winds ENE 12-17 knts, seas 2-4’, scattered showers

This was a downwind travel day but the hoped for winds of 15+ knots never did arrive so it was a slow, rolly drift with the winds and light swell, past the north shore of Tortola and down to JVD.  The only excitement in the 6 1/2 hour sail were a couple of rain showers that passed us by, but being very localized we only needed to change course a few degrees to avoid a soaking.  The winds remained in the 8-10 knot range pretty much all day so we sailed some of the time with just headsail alone which allowed us to sail almost dead downwind toward our destination.  We had the main up for a while and although it afforded a few more knots in speed, we had to bear off the downwind run to avoid a jibe so our speed towards our destination was no better than headsail alone.

We pulled around Sandy Spit and up to the Diamond Cay anchorage in front of Foxy’s Taboo in the mid-afternoon.  Taboo is an adjunct business but with a very different vibe from Foxy’s in Great Harbour.  The open-air restaurant was very quiet but inviting and after waiting for another shower to pass, we headed in for one of the best dinners we’ve had in the islands.


Not much else to report from the day.  Overnight we had very heavy rain, the advantage being that it washed our decks clean of the accumulated salt that becomes very sticky over time.

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