Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday: East End St. John

Forecast: Winds NNE 15-17 kn, seas NE swells 6-8', scattered showers.

Well that was the forecast but to be honest all we saw of it today was the scattered showers.  Working on maintaining the good habit, we were up at 6am.  This sounds terribly early for vacation, but when you go to bed at 9:30 it still makes for a good night's sleep.  Taking the Lameshur Bay trail to the west we climbed over the ridge and down to the Reef Estate Great House (in ruins), the Par Force Estate (very gloomy and in ruins) and the Reef Sugar Factory (well maintained but still in ruins).

We ended our hike at the Petroglyphs carved into the rocks of a magical fresh-water glade complete with a 40' waterfall.

The morning's hike took us about 5 miles (we're in the U.S.) and over a ridge at 460'.  The trails are very well maintained by the State Park and we never begrudge the $15 mooring fee. It seems like a steal really to have a safe mooring for the night and good hiking trails that network all over the island. Given that it was Monday morning, this shot is for all the folks back at GB -oh where your back-pack can travel.

We were quite happy to beat the heat with the early morning hike and be back to Mowzer by 11am.  The snorkeling around the edge of the bay was fun but nothing really special other than a great way to spend the heat of the day. By mid afternoon we dropped the mooring ball and motored into the wind and waves to head into Coral Bay.  We took a little excursion around Round Bay and this is definitely somewhere we will come back to anchor.  We'd decided on another hike for the tomorrow morning though and Coral Bay is a better starting point so we dropped anchor at the back of the pack and enjoyed a very calm evening.

As of this evening we are sitting in Coral Bay picking up the best wi-fi signal we've had to date - thanks to Seven Seams!!

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