Thursday, November 17, 2011

Just Two More Sleeps

I should probably be packing but instead I've been browsing the web and tweaking the blog - all part of getting my head away from work and into vacation mode.

This summer didn't see nearly enough time on the boat up here in Ottawa so the next two weeks on Mowzer are going to be fabulous.  We're still not completely decided on where we'll head and in reality it will probably be Sunday or Monday morning before we finally decide, but the likelihood is that we'll try to get back up to Anegada.  Lobster dinner on the beach as a belated birthday celebration for both of us is in the works.

Meanwhile back in Ottawa this past summer, I decided to tackle a 'canvas' project on the home-front.  Our gazebo cover gave out the year before last and we missed the shade by the pool last summer.  I picked up a roll of beautiful yellow/gold striped Sunbrella and fashioned a new cover.  It certainly felt incredibly decadent to set up space on the pool table for the sewing project - there definitely won't be this sort of space aboard!

Under construction ...
Like a crazy ballerina ...
It turned out pretty well although I never did get a picture of the final product up on the gazebo.  I love working with Sunbrella but it pushed the limits of my Janome machine - oh for a Sailrite!  Got lots of ideas though for how to handle boat projects down the road.

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