Monday, February 14, 2011

Island-Time Notes

Given that our trip down was extended by about five hours due to a return to Charlotte after we'd been in the air for two hours, and our checked bag's arrival 24 hours later, provisioning and a day on the island was called for.

On St. Thomas there are a number of choices for provisioning if you have a car. For walkers there is the Pueblo but with independent transport there is the Plaza Extra, Food Center, Fruit Bowl and Cost-U-Less. There are numerous other little shops as well, but these are the big ones. We visited the Cost-U-Less but decided that we really didn't need a TV, a whole pork loin or 10 lbs of hamburger on our little boat. Last time we were down we tried the Plaza Extra so this time we headed for Food Center. Budget Marine is also located nearby on the south-shore road so we picked up a few boat needs and a chart for St. Croix as well. When all was done, we liked the size of Food Center but I think it was slightly more expensive and a little less selection than Plaza Extra and with the latter there is a K-Mart close by for other needs. The other small factor is the road with the heavily loaded car with cases of water nestled up to the veggies traversing potholes and steep hills. Don't get me wrong, nothing was really the worse for wear, it was just a little nerve wracking listening to things shifting in the back as we climbed up and down. The road up to Plaza Extra is just a little less extreme.

Speaking of driving, I love driving on St. Thomas. Left-hand drive cars on the left with the passenger staring wide-eyed into the oncoming traffic while the driver hugs the safety of the curb, steep hills with a sharp curve at the top so neither can see where you're going or what's coming – who needs a carnival ride? We're getting to know our way around though so navigating, at least in daylight, is becoming much easier. Henry even found the Home Depot, replete with palm trees, and couldn't resist a quick visit. I must say, with the trade winds blowing through, I've never smelled such a pleasant Home Depot.

Oh joy, oh bliss – promptly 24 hours after we all should have arrived, our bag was delivered. Now we're all set to head off in the morning.

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