Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Change in Plans - the weather rules!

This is a lesson that we are constantly taught in a boat - the weather rules and if you forget it you will pay the consequences.

In this case, we set off from JVD this morning with a plan to head up the north shore of Tortola to Marina Cay or Trellis Bay (at the east end of Tortola). Constantly remind me that I do not like the north shore of any of the big islands!!

The winds this morning were 18-22 knots but most uncomfortable were the swells coming in a very sharp formation which made for a really rough ride. After about half an hour of bashing up the north shore and barely making it past Cane Garden Bay we decided for the sake of vacation enjoyment that we would turn around and head around to the south shore and make for Norman Island and The Bight.

We arrived just after 1pm and set to really enjoying the sun, cool breezes and lunch. I find that while dinner can be lots of fun, it is really lunch that I enjoy; a simple affair of whatever is in the fridge but I am usually exceptionally hungry which makes it all taste so good. I also managed to get a loaf of bread baked and then we headed in for an afternoon happy-hour visit to Pirates (the beach-bar at The Bight).

Here we also have wi-fi so on checking the weather the winds are pretty high for the whole week but less so tomorrow so we will make the run in the morning up the The Baths and then from there we should have easy runs back down "the bathtub" as we make our way back west-ward.

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