Sunday, February 20, 2011

Caitlin and Jim have arrived!!

This morning we headed off for a quick hike along the Francis Bay trail and made it as far as the ruins of the Annaberg School which was built in the mid-1800s on a Danish plan to build a number of schools across the islands and mandate education for the local youth - very progressive.

After leaving Francis Bay we picked up a mooring ball in Trunk Bay to try out the underwater snorkel trail. There was a heavy swell running but the trail is protected behind a cay so the snorkelling is fairly easy. Getting in and out of the surf at the beach proves more difficult. To be honest, there were so many people in the water that there really weren't that many fish to be seen and you had to keep an eye out as much at the surface as down below so we felt we'd rather head back to Leinster Bay or other spots for a good snorkel.

The winds picked up nicely and we sailed back to St. Thomas to be on the dock by 2:30 and then headed up to the airport to meet Caitlin and Jim. We decided to walk which takes about 45 minutes from CYOA and after meeting up, we all decided we were up for the walk back. Jim and I stopped at the Pueblo to replenish a few supplies while Caitlin and Henry continued on to the dock.

Dinner was a quiet affair but it is so good to have them both down here; Caitlin's first time and Jim's return. We're all cleaning up with showers, checking email at the dock and plan on a good start in the morning so we can get up into the BVI's before it gets too late in the day. Our first planned stop is Jost Van Dyke but we don't have a solid schedule beyond that.

All for now - make sure to check back to the last post from Christiansted because with the better bandwidth I was able to load pictures.