Sunday, February 14, 2010

Registration Decision

Had a long chat with John the other day and we've now decided that while we want to eventually persue the Canadian registration, especially as we get to the end of our charter period, it is not urgent to do so and certainly not to the tune of $1000 for a haul-out and tonnage measurement.  We've decided to put this off until annual haul-out in August in Puerto Rico and we will hopefully find a measurer who can get the job done once the boat is up on the hard.  For the short term, Mowzer can sail under her USVI registration which is required for the chartering business anyway.

In the meantime, Mowzer has arrived in St. Thomas and according to Kirsten she is beautiful, but could be prettier with a stylized logo and hailing port.  Even though we haven't finalized the Canadian registration we still want to identify Ottawa as the hailing port, so we're going with it.

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  1. February 14th is love your boat day!