Monday, February 22, 2010

First Meeting

Has anyone seen a missing US Air plane?  Apparently they've misplaced one.

About two hours after our intended departure from Philadelphia, it was decided to pull  one out of the maintenance hangar and get us on our way.  They did reassure us that it was a good plane and it did hold together through some fairly rough turbulence, but I am still left wondering whatever happened to the plane that was intended for this flight? I do believe the pilot was determined to make up some of the lost time as our max speed on our GPS during the flight was 1137 km/hr.

What a wonderful reception we received at CYOA! Joanne met us at the airport, it seemed the whole crew turned out to welcome us and there was Mowzer decked out with ribbons and flowers and looking absolutely beautiful. Congrats to all the folks at CYOA who made her look so pretty! Nancy gave us a quick briefing to see us through the night and then we set to, to make her our home for the next two weeks.

Sitting in the dock-side bar, “Hook, Line & Sinker” for dinner in the evening, it was a little strange watching the Canadian women’s curling team defeat Sweden. It amazed the fellow sitting at the bar next to us when I told him we’d been curling just yesterday. Turns out, he’s the hired captain of a ‘little private motor yacht’ (only 112 ft long) and he gave us all sorts of pointers on where to go for some nice off-the-beaten-path experiences. He actually referred to his boat as a ‘dinghy’ in these waters. What does that make us? A flea on the dinghy to the dinghy?

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