Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Delivery Update #6 - arrival in St. Martin

They've done it!  Mowzer and crew arrived in Marigot on the island of St. Martin last night.  French crew - French Island (or at least half of it) - sounds like they knew where they were heading!  We were in Marigot in 2008 and the food is fabulous so I can bet the crew had a great meal off the boat last night.

The plan is now to sail to Tortola, BVI and then the crew will have to ferry into the USVI on the commercial boat to obtain their visas, ferry back to Tortola and then bring Mowzer into the USVI.  Apparently, foreign nationals cannot arrive by private yacht in US waters without visas with the exception of US citizens (d'uh) and Canadians.  Too bad we're not on board.

Here's the last log track (for this voyage) ... and below are a couple of pictures from our previous visit to Marigot.

In Marigot - notice the proximity of the restaurant table to boats in the Marina!

Sunset over Marigot, Simpson Bay Lagoon and Sandy Ground (view from Pic Paradis).

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