Thursday, December 31, 2015

More Yoga??

Martinique continues to dish up lots of fun with the festive season.  This beautiful island, also known as the Island of Flowers has so many options.

We joined up on Sunday with Barefoot Life, Out of Africa and Moose Tracks, along with Brita as Jason had gone home for the holidays and we headed out of the same hike we did the other day but this time in the reverse direction.  The most notable thing about this hike was that the tide was out so the little bridge and stepping stones we had tenuously crossed previously, felt like a cake-walk.  Brita was even inspired to try one of her yoga moves!

Our hiking crew testing out the bridge.

Check back on the previous post and you'll see that just the tips of these rocks were visible - much easier this time to almost 'fly' over them!
Who knows - maybe a Caribbean beach bar is in our future?

Our favourite - cold Lorraine beer to keep us going on our walk.

It's hard to comprehend the size of this anchorage - it can't all fit on one photo.  Mowzer is the first boat just a little to the left above the tip of the tree.
Yesterday (Wednesday), we shared once again on a rental car with Brita and Jason and this time we decided to check out the Martinique Golf Club.  The club is officially named for the Empress Josephine who was born on her father's plantation not far from where the golf course stands today.  The course is quite spectacular with a couple of holes backing right onto the bay at Trois Ilets.  I definitely think we will have to anchor around here one day so we can walk to the country club from our yacht ;-).

Ready for action.

The views across the inlet to the anchorage and Fort de France in the distance were stunning.

We couldn't resist capturing photos at every opportunity.

Loving the chance to golf here - and the game wasn't too bad either.

Although we have to admit that the bay did swallow a ball or two, especially from the raised tee-box in the background.

Final putts - but then ... on to lunch on the bay.
These were more good days shared with Jason and Brita on Blue Moon - our cruising buddies extraordinaire!!

Along with all this active fun, we also took advantage of the car to get in a little shopping with a visit to the Galleria, largest shopping mall in the Caribbean.  My favourite stop though was to Decathlon - a sporting goods warehouse store.  Time to replace a few sweaty tank tops and worn out shoes.

Now, it's New Year's eve and the plan is to enjoy some French champagne as we watch the fireworks over the beach at the local Club Med.

Happy New Year everyone, and all the best for 2016!!