Friday, December 18, 2015

A Fantasy Wedding

St. Lucia has delivered up the most wonderful time for Caitlin & Jamie's wedding with so many of our family in attendance.

We spent five wonderful nights on the boat with the 'kids' - I can't comfortably call them that now, but Caitlin will always be my girl.  Then we checked into Windjammer Landing and Jim arrived from Belgium - not often the four of us are together.  Peter and Beth (my brother and sister-in-law) and Minna, the most amazing maid of honour, arrived from Ottawa to complete our side.

But... we weren't alone, we were joined by our new family with Jamie's Mom Sheila, his Dad Wayne & his wife Genny, Jamie's brother Tim and his wife Melissa, son Cameron and two adorable daughters Leila and Leanna.  The gathering was complete and ready for the celebration.

It was such a wonderfully emotional time and my words can't capture the beautiful moments, but finally here are the wedding pictures, mostly captured by Peter since I decided not to spend my time with a camera in my hand.

We prepared for the big event, getting Caitlin all settled in her finery.

Meanwhile, the men arrived in the garden with Jim as an escort.

Finally, the bride appeared on Henry's arm as he tried to calm her nerves.

The pastor talked of listening and appreciation - I think these two have that in spades!

Tim kept a close eye as vows were made.

And now the kiss.

Tim, Mr. & Mrs. Simmons, and Minna

Bougainvillea blooms fluttered through the air

Family pictures in the garden as the sun set over the sea behind us.

The wedding party

And the sun put in a beautiful appearance too

A little sprinkle of a shower had Jamie checking on Caitlin

Beautiful rings

Melanie did an awesome job as the wedding planner, and showed a little sass for fun

Minna taking a little breather

The Moms!  We made a good team.

Lovely flowers everywhere

Even on the wedding cake

The evening progressed with a delicious buffet dinner and then time to cut the cake - it was delicious too!

I won't post the embarrassing "eating cake" photos

Although Peter did capture a few and shared them with Jamie & Caitlin

We had our own private restaurant for dinner and dancing afterward.

Final dance of the evening...

And then even the girls got in the act.

What a day and what wonderful memories - may they last you a lifetime full of joy Caitlin & Jamie.