Saturday, August 15, 2015

Sad to Leave Port Louis Marina

Staying on the dock was definitely a blast - being so close to the Carnival events and surrounded by old and new friends.  We left the marina yesterday and it is glorious to be back out on the open water, spending a nice breezy night at anchor in Carriacou.  It's SO much cooler and refreshing to be able to swim again in the ocean.

But ... there is just one thing about the marina that I am sorely going to miss.

Sure it's great to be surrounded by a pretty swimming pool and lounging areas -

Beautiful gardens and a little marina village -

Sitting at the dock looking up at the ruins of the old fort on the hill and St. George's Carenage across the way - 

BUT ... the best thing about being at Port Louis Marina?

You got it!  The Washrooms.  These are hands down the best washrooms I have seen in the Caribbean.

There's one washroom with toilets and sinks and the most beautiful painted tiles:

And then there's a separate room with three shower rooms, each containing your own personal sink, toilet and beautifully tiled shower... along with two sinks in the main area -

Did I mention the tiles - I'm insanely in love with these designs!

Oh Port Louis - I will return (to your washrooms!)