Monday, August 17, 2015

A Little Jaunt Around St. George's

The other day we took a little exploration walk around the town of St. George's with Andy and Judy (Jacob's Ladder).  What we found was a busy town with loads of little shops that we ducked in and out of.  The temperatures these days are hot and humid so along the way we were happy to stop occasionally for a nice cold beer.

The harbour at St. George's consists of two arms - the Lagoon where we are situated in the marina, and the Carenage where many old buildings face onto the road that runs around the harbour.  Businesses, government buildings, restaurants and bars all face the sea while the fishing boats line the harbour walls with water taxis and other vessels running back and forth.  The commercial area of the Carenage rises up over the ridge and back down to the cruise ship dock area to the north and here we found the bus terminal and again many more commercial enterprises.  Over in this area is also the outdoor market and loads of vendors with fresh fruit, vegetables, spices and just about anything else you might be looking for.

The Carenage with Fort George on the hill at the point.  There's a shortcut through the hill via the Sendall Tunnel built in 1894.

Vendors get their wares around town any way they can, and if you need onions or eggs along with all your digital needs, you can get them here!

Vendors set up in the market just up the street from the cruise ship terminal.

Walking over the hill, Fort George was above us and we could spy Mowzer in the marina down below.

Flame tree (flamboyant) and lovely pink flowers that reminded me of a cross between sweet pea and honey suckle.

Andy and Judy stroll down the hill and into the cool shade.

Government buildings, the museum and library occupy these lovely old buildings on the Carenage.

Fishing boats rafted up along the harbour wall.

Time for a cold "large beer" at the Schnitzel Haus.


That tickled my fancy ;-)

Looks like those beer hit the spot so we finished off our walk by making our way back around the Lagoon to the marina.  It was great getting out on foot to explore the town - always so much easier to figure out the lay-of-the-land at this pace!