Monday, July 27, 2015

Checked Into Grenada

The island of Carriacou lies about 20 miles north of the main island of Grenada, but none the less is part of the nation.

We spent our last night at Clifton on Union Island in the St. Vincent part of The Grenadines and today we made the 10 mile beautiful down-wind sail to Carriacou and checked into Grenada!  We still plan to move south to the anchorages at the bottom of Grenada but this is the last country on our itinerary until the end of hurricane season.

For a little fun, can you name the countries represented by these flags.  Since February we have flown each of these flags as we have visited 17 different countries and my 24-page passport has only 7 unused pages remaining.  There's a trick here, a couple of these flags represent multiple countries or territories.

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