Thursday, July 2, 2015

And Here We Sit

We've been thoroughly enjoying Dominica and will continue to do so, but in case you've been wondering why we've stalled here so long rather than making tracks south towards Grenada, two words:  tropical wave.  In fact two of these waves are coming through over the next few days so the best place for us to sit is this nice secure harbour at Portsmouth.

Here's the Windguru forecast for Portsmouth:

See all that red stuff building from today out to Sunday?  That's what we're waiting to clear out of the area and carefully picking our anchorage where we know we have very good holding and our anchor is well dug in.

Even if we were to consider moving before the weekend, here's the forecast for St. Lucia where we would be heading, and it just looks the same or a little bit worse, so here we sit until next week.

And then, hallelujah!!  Just look at all that lovely green in the forecast.  This is the first time in weeks that we have seen more than a few hours or blips of green, especially on the wind gusts line.  Typically we experience winds at 5 knots above the forecast values, so being able to sail with a forecast under 15 knots is a real treasure.  Cross your fingers it holds.

The good news in all this according to Chris Parker (a highly valued Caribbean weather forecaster among the cruising set) is that all this strong trade wind activity is preventing the formation of anything nastier.  Guess we're a fan of trade winds?

Just for fun, I pulled down the weather forecast for Ottawa where we used to sail on the river.  Ah... I remember those swirly fluky winds...