Friday, January 23, 2015

Slow & Steady

The winds were definitely pretty elusive today although we made the best of it and sailed, albeit slowly, nearly all the way to Green Bay on Vieques. I won't bore you with the minutiae of our day but it was calm enough that I was able to refresh my pedicure. Just look at how flat that sea is!

Looking west, the clouds piled up on Puerto Rico where it rained in the interior for much of the day.
Looking back to the north-east there was a little puff of cloud over Culebra. Other than that it was clear, bright blue, all day long.
Looking at the chart plotter there are a number of circled areas around Vieques, labelled "Explosive Anchorage Area". Knowing the history of Vieques and the U.S. Navy's penchant for blowing things up around here, we will definitely stay clear of these areas, but it tickled my funny bone to see this label. Other charts just label the areas as Dangerous, but Explosive is so much more descriptive.
By mid-afternoon we arrived at our intended anchorage for the night. We stayed here once before about five years ago when there were a number of mooring balls in the bay protecting the grassy bottom. None are to be seen now so we searched for a sandy spot to drop the hook but ended up having to dig into the grass since the only sand to be found was between large boulders. Wonder what happened to all the wonderful free moorings that used to be here?
We're not complaining though as we had the entire bay to ourselves for the evening.
Look to the north...
... look to the south. Yup, that's pretty much idyllic!
We settled in for a late afternoon swim, got a bucket full of laundry done and hung to dry and then ooh'd and ahh'd as the sun set over Puerto Rico and the lights twinkled in the distance.
No comments please about airing the laundry, or my delicates :-)

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