Friday, January 30, 2015

Arrival in Boqueron

Today, our plan was to round the southwestern tip of Puerto Rico and drop the anchor in Boqueron for the next few days.
We passed through the cut in the reef outside of La Paguera and bid our goodbyes to this delightful area.
Looking back at the hills, we could see the home base for the blimp we had seen of above us yesterday and given the liklihood that it was military, I speculated that it was probably of Lockheed Martin construction. Back when I worked with TetherCam we were involved with them and I remember a calendar with all sorts of blimp photos (blimp porn) for those in the industry. With a little bit of research here's the full story, or as much as Wikipedia can provide. Sure enough it is a Lockheed Martin and it is carrying a radar array for drug smuggling detection. Guess our "we're being watched" senses were right on the money, but no excitement here!

The winds once again were pretty much non-existent so we motored around the point of Cabo Rojo to Boqueron Bay where we dropped the anchor. The only excitement along the way was another dolphin visit. We noticed a dark fin tracking towards us and suddenly there were two large dolphin under the bows. They were the largest we've seen probably measuring about 10', they swam deep under the bows and then were gone. A few moments later four more (or perhaps our original two brought some friends) did the same thing. We looked back and could see them on the surface behind us, obviously more interested in something in the water rather than anything we offered up.

Rounding Cabo Rojo was stunning with the large Spanish-style lighthouse sitting atop the rocky point. At this mark we turned north and completed our westward track on Puerto Rico. We're definitely looking forward to extending our visit with a slower pace on our return journey when we come this way again.

Our first glimpse of Cabo Rojo.
The lighthouse and the reddish golden cliffs that give the cape it's name.
I loved how these people exploring the cape give the cliffs perspective.
Such craggy cliffs, and there is a shoal around the point as well. Best heed this light's warning!

Boqueron is on a large west-facing bay so I anticipate some glorious sunsets. We can actually see Mona Island 50 miles out in the Mona Passage and half-way to Dominican Republic from here. In the guidebooks, the town is described as completely laid back but a real limin' party town on the evenings and weekends. Guess we'll see what it has to offer since that's exactly when we're here.

Caribbean colours in this bay.
The dinghy dock, conveniently located next to a great bar that opened later in the day.
Yes! Definitely like the vibe of this place.

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