Saturday, November 27, 2010

Vieques - South Shore & Bio-luminescent Bay (Fri. Nov. 26)

Given that it is now Friday and we have spent the night at the most idyllic beach I’ve ever seen it is probably due for a Friday Beach Pic.  However, knowing that we are heading for Sun Bay, it may be prudent to wait and see which pic will win out as the beach of choice.

Looks like Green Bay won out, but that may only be a matter of which beach was better photographed.

This morning was our chosen ‘big breakfast’ morning and so Henry and John put on a bacon & eggs production, but we were all finished when the Puerto Rican police boat came by to check us out.  They really just did a drive-by but were probably checking up on the registration and occupants of the two boats moored in the bay.  Yesterday, John and Eleanor had been very politely questioned by the authorities patrolling the beach; Eleanor was even presented with a ‘perfecto’ shell for their troubles.  I’m sure they are all business, but very polite and unobtrusive as they ensure that we were not where we shouldn’t be.  When we checked in at Culebra by phone, we were provided with a very long confirmation number, and it seems that just the fact that we knew we had this number was enough for these guys to keep happy.

We set off from Green Beach and decided to motor the 10 miles to Sun Bay, just to the east of Esperenza.  This little settlement of tourist tours to the bio-bay and quaint little restaurants rings one bay, while a white sand beach rings the second bay where we picked up a mooring ball for the day.  We dinghied across and walked into town for lunch at Bananas where we all enjoyed the fare.  Next stop, the Green Store to reprovision - mostly on ‘liquid refreshment’.  The little streets are lined with meticulously kept homes, interspersed with slightly less well-cared for establishments but all-in-all the atmosphere around town was one of industry and enjoyment of life.

We headed back to Mowzer and Henry and John took the dinghy around to scope out Puerto Mosquito.  Following their expedition we decided to take Mowzer around to a mooring ball right at the entrance to the bay ready for an easy dinghy ride rather than  navigating a two-mile open ocean ride in the dark.

How to describe the bio-luminescence of Puerto Mosquito?  Sparkling diamonds engulfed the dinghy in its wash and wake while fish swarmed about us with blue streaks following their path as they leapt in and out of the water around us.  The hilarity of the fist that almost landed in the boat but was saved by a rebound off my knee leant to the joyous mood as we capered about in the dinghy, taking pleasure in lighting up the world around us.  The most wondrous thing of this visit is that we have to capture it in our memory banks to unwrap at future moments since there is no way for our cameras to capture the sparkling intensity of the actual event.

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