Monday, November 22, 2010

A Day on St. Thomas

Winds overnight and this morning were in the mid-twenties gusting to thirty knots with seas running 10-12 feet.  A blustery day and with prudence we decided to make use of the car and explore the actual island.

Magens Bay is a deep notch on the north of the island with a fabulous beach ringing the blunt end.  Admission to the beach at $4 each maintains the beach, pays for lifeguards and keeps kiosks and hawkers at bay - money well spent in our view! 

Caitlin - this travel moment is for you!

From Magens Bay we rounded the island stopping in at little bays along the way.  A local dairy offered up an 'udder delight' of tropically flavoured milk-shakes not to be missed.

Driving on the island takes a certain amount of blind faith (especially around corners), navigational skill and the ability to turn around in tight places.  Having the car for the day was an unplanned diversion but just went to prove that with weather you're better to just go with the flow.

We returned to CYOA and the car return by 3pm, arranged a great chart briefing of the Spanish Virgin Islands with Doug and then headed off for the night in Brewer's Bay.  We had a circle about Linberger Bay but the anchorage was a bit tight with other boats and whistling winds so we decided to head on around the runway to Brewers.  Coming into the bay, a squall passed through and with the wind shear off St. Thomas we saw winds gusting to 32 knots but close up to the beach we found a calm anchorage for the night.


  1. Glad to see you guys back enjoy your time in De Islands.

  2. Hey Jay & Deb - we were going to post a 'Friday Beach Pic' but then realized it was Monday. Oh, what the heck...