Sunday, January 10, 2010

Must Do's and Wanna Do's

Once Mowzer arrives in St. Thomas there's still some work for the intrepid CYOA crew to accomplish before she can set out on her first charters.  John has just forwarded the list to us.  Some are "must do's" before her first cruise and others are things that will be done for sure, but don't have to be done first.

Propane System - changes to factory butane system
  • provide propane tanks
  • LPG regulator
  • LPG solenoid and switch at galley
Electrical - 110 volt
  • provide end to shore cable that matches US mains
  • install inverter
  • connect outlets to inverter (do not connect hot water heater)
  • provide and install converters for freezer and fridge to operate on 110V (and 12V DC)
Ground Tackle
  • provide and install main anchor chain
  • provide and install main anchor
  • provide and install secondary anchor rode
  • provide and install secondary anchor
  • install foot switches for windlass operation (wanna do)
  • provide and install TV and DVD player (wanna do)
  • provide and install chip for plotter
  • provide and install remote VHF at helm (wanna do)
Electrical - 12V (all wanna do's)
  • install fans in cabins and galley
  • upgrade house batteries
  • marry charging from both engines to all house batteries
  • add switches with pilot light for freezer and fridge
  • provide and install visible and audible alarms at helms for engine room flooding 
  • install sun protection for helm (wanna do)
  • provide and install sheet stopper and leads on coach roof for port jib sheet
  • upgrade lazy jacks to be adjustable from deck level (wanna do)
  • remove cast parts from end of davits, machine rough edges and re-install
  • provide and install blocks and sheet stoppers as neede for davit lines
  • provide and install USCG PFDs
  • provide and install misc deck gear (boat hook, bucket, etc.)
  • provide and install engine room fire suppression systems (wanna do)
  • provide and install electric toilets in lieu of manual toilets (wanna do)
  • provide and install door stops for all doors
  • provide and install USCG approved fire extinguishers
  • provide and install bell
  • provide and install all galley gear, linens and other domestic items
  • provide and install "No Smoking" decal
  • provide and install "Do Not Step" decals on hatches
  • provide and install oil polution placards in each engine room
  • provide solid waste placard in galley
  • provide and commission tender

Lots to get done but it should all be possible before our first visit.

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