Sunday, January 17, 2010

Delivery Update #3

Mowzer's been underway now for two and half weeks and has begun the final but immense stage of crossing the Atlantic.

Here's the progress of the last week:

Jan 11 - evening - arrived in Lanzarote, Canary Islands
Jan 13 - 12 noon GMT - departed Lanzarote (ETA in St. Thomas - 3 weeks)
Jan 13 - 1529 GMT  N28 36.756  W13 50.598  (24nm)
Jan 13 - 1819 GMT  N28 17.069  W13 50.895  (20nm)
Jan 17 - 0622 GMT  N24 31.467  W20 3.609  (403nm)

I`m trying to figure out how to map out her progress - here`s my first attempt:

For this, I used a little app I found on the web that lets you take lat/long co-ordinates and track them on a Google map.  It's designed to work with Garmin GPS track logs but I just typed in the co-ordinates that the delivery crew has sent out.  Of course I have a couple of problems - I only have sporadic locations so some of the track crosses land as they came around Spain and Portugal (obviously, they didn't chase the birds but had to go the long way round!)  The second issue is that the picture is very nice and shows the track on the map, but it is not a link or app that I know how to post so I just took a 'picture' of it and posted that.

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