Thursday, May 5, 2016

A Final Good-Bye to Antigua for 2016

With our previous visit in February and now another three weeks on Antigua we've spent over six weeks on this delightful island, discovering many of its secrets but knowing there are many more to find.

Before moving on, we had a fun day with the race-crew from Ottawa.  They had one day between races and flights so we headed up to Nonsuch Bay.  We gave them the option to turn around with the wind and swell on the nose but this intrepid crew pressed on and we had a delightful time once we made it to the anchorage.

It was definitely a bouncy ride!
Settled in Nonsuch Bay we filled the cockpit with good food, good friends and good stories.
Cold beer and rum punch :-)
The clear waters beckoned Renee for a relaxing float off the back of Mowzer.
While Eva went for a paddle and ended up comfortably on the beach.
Back on Mowzer, more relaxation.
Unfortunately the day quickly marched on and the crew had to head back to Nelson's Dockyard to make flights in the morning.

George, on Wildcat, joined us in the anchorage and we spent a number of days just relaxing, snorkelling and sharing meals, and making plans for our next few weeks.  The plan has been formed and we are taking a trip over to Nevis and a chance to meet up with Wendy and Bill who are currently living there, then we will start heading south and perhaps make it to Dominica in time for the Jazz Festival on May 15.  Of course, being cruisers we are at the complete mercy of the weather but this year looks like it will be a bit less windy than this time last year, which is a nice turn of events.

Yesterday, we made our way round to Jolly Harbour to look after customs, provisioning, fuel and a few repair parts for the boat.  We were rather amused to watch a young guy on the Swedish flagged vessel behind us pump up his dinghy and then raise it onto the foredeck of his boat - all in the complete buff!  The best action seemed reserved for the derelict boat beside us that has been taken over by laughing gulls.  The entertainment, accompanied by mush load squawking went on pretty much all afternoon!

Say no more, nudge, nudge, wink, wink.
This morning we were off bright and early heading directly west to Nevis.  This is our last downwind sail in a while so we thoroughly enjoyed it, even though the winds were fairly light.  It made for a very relaxing sail.

Approaching Nevis - with it's customary cloud-cap, not like the last time we were passing by.
We even got to do a bit of wing-and-wing sailing (boom to starboard, headsail to port) which had us zipping along.
A little tuna picked up our lure just an hour out of Antigua.
And another little (return to the sea) fish as we approached Nevis - almost exactly where we caught a yellow snapper when we left last time.  Must mark this spot on the chart!
Our final destination - Charlestown, Nevis.  A picturesque little town with a pretty waterfront.

Can't wait to meet up with Wendy and Bill and see a little bit of an inside view of Nevis.