Sunday, February 28, 2016

Antigua Circumnavigation

After all the fun and games in Falmouth we were ready to move on back around the corner and up to Jolly Bay to complete our full circumnavigation of the island of Antigua.  I feel that we could go all the way around again and find completely different places to anchor for a completely different experience, but time ticks on and we hope to get to St. Martin before too much longer ...

Keeping company with Wild Cat and Tempo has involved a busy social scene - not that we weren't busy before, but the shenanigans have continued.  Thanks to Jan on Wild Cat for these photos that capture just a quick take on some of the fun.

We headed up to Deep Bay since it had been quite comfortable previously in a north swell when we were there with Brita and Jason (we miss you guys!!)  Joined by Bob and Gigi from Pinnacle (Montreal) we found time for another sunset visit to Fort Barrington and to watch the cruise ships exit St. John's.  We marked the first of a number of consecutive green flash sunsets from the windy heights!

George, Henry, Catherine, Bob, Gigi, Jackie, Dave - and Jan took the photo.

That's one kind of green flash, but not the same as the one we saw just a few minutes later as the sun settled below the horizon.
 Jan and George organized a 'rum tasting' party as well - we all bought our best (or worst) bottles of rum and then Jan provided us with blind tastes that we carefully noted.  We were all pretty good at picking out the older, smoother rums but it was interesting what counted as each person's least favourite.  A big surprise to us was where Foxy's Firewater placed in the finals.  This was a bottle that we had 'won' at the Foxy's Cat Fight race over a year ago but had not yet opened.  It was surprisingly good - or perhaps we had enough other really bad rums that it fared well in comparison.

Final ranking of best, second best and worst was:

  • #1:  Eldorado 15 years
  • #2:  Eldorado 12 years
  • Last:  Pere Labat 59

Getting ready for our first taste.
Once we had diligently ranked the rums we were all ready for a new game - this one was called Butt-Darts.  I'm actually not going to explain it other than to say it involved a coin, clenched butts and a red solo cup.  We ended up with a tie after three rounds so Bob and I had a play down - and apparently I have found a new calling:  Butt-Dart Champion of Deep Bay!

A coin, clenched butts and a red solo cup.  Honest the stick in my hand has nothing to do with the game.
With that it is now time to move on to Barbuda and we will continue in the company of Wild Cat and Tempo.