Thursday, April 16, 2015

Kids About Town

Coral Bay is an itsy-bitsy town at the east end of St. John and the vibe is all about being laid-back, the last cruiser hang-out in the U.S. territories. Some of the folks here look like the last time they left was the 70s, and others just look like that's what they're trying to look like. Make sense? Hippies are cool these days.

The town is starting to look a little more upscale though, firstly noticeable with the nice new dinghy dock; a few years ago the dock would settle underwater as you stepped "ashore". Skinny Legs and The Mad Dog Trading Company are still the same, but this time we opted to walk around the bay and try out Aqua Bistro for lunch.

As we rounded the corner, our escort picked us up just outside the firehall. They'd picked out some choice rides for us but we opted to walk so they made sure we had uninterrupted passage down the middle of the street, stopping all traffic in both directions to let us pass.

They walked us quickly past the local school and even demonstrated the route should we need to evacuate for an incoming tsunami.
Wait for us, we're still coming...
Despite ambiguous directions, they figured out which way we wanted to go and when we arrived at the junction and promptly turned left,

taking a shortcut past the pink restaurant and the blue bus shelter.
At this point communications broke down a bit since we definitely didn't want to follow them into the mangroves and scrub at the side of the road.

We knew they'd be coming back shortly though, since they left some of their youngest crew by the parking lot.

As we rounded the corner and looked out over the bay we found a local launch that might be the reason the kids scampered into the bush... A little afternoon truancy perhaps? (Check out the name on the side of the boat.)

Ah, finally, some empty seats still available for our lunch outing. Thanks for showing us the way!

Note that I chose lamb from the menu and not goat ;-) ... and it was very good.