Friday, March 13, 2015

Off-Roading on Culebra

Time for a day ashore and enjoying this beautiful little island!

The crew from Almost There were also up for a little exploration so we headed into town to rent golf carts for a tour of the island. As with most things we do, we hate making plans and booking in advance so of course when we got to the rental shops, there were no golf carts left but we could all pile into a jeep, which we did.

Ensenada Honda is a huge deep bay in the middle of Culebra, coming up from the south. We drove out on the eastern side of the island and found some fabulous views back on the little town of Culebra and the airfield below.

Mowzer is anchored on the ocean side just over the saddle of land.
For much of our tour we turned off the main road and explored side roads and dirt tracks. It's a very small island but amazing what you can find away from the beaten path. Robert, our fearless driver maneuvered up and over hills until we found the jeep's limit but not before we'd found some interesting spots to continue on foot.
This little pebble beach gave up lots of beach glass and little interesting little bits of shells.
Blue and bluer!
Along the way we found lots of construction, new and old. This house had a beautiful setting and was obviously designed to take advantage of the views. Sometimes it's just nice to sit and dream...
Loved the entry / breezeway that led right through the house.
On our way to the top of the hill.
And back down to the bottom where we watched planes take off and land.
By lunchtime our tummies led us up to the northwest and Playa Flamenco. This beautiful beach has the most lovely fluffy white sand, interesting reefs and snorkeling, a moderate surf on this day although we've seen it crashing up the beach in the past, requisite palm trees for shade, and most importantly a charming collection of kiosks dishing up cold drinks and great meals. We opted for various seafood empanadillas and delicious BBQ skewered chicken which did not disappoint.
Playing around with the panorama setting on the camera ... Gives the bay a strange square effect.
This guy with the most gorgeous eyes desperately wanted to share our empanadillas.
As the sun set in the west we made our way back to return the jeep and then dropped into the Dinghy Dock for a few more libations and celebration of a day well spent with good friends.
Henry and I carried on to try out a new-to-us place called Zaco's Tacos. We'd heard good reviews and they were certainly bang-on with delicious soft-shelled tacos and quesadillas. Standing in line waiting for a table for two with two other table-for-two groups we quickly found out that a table for six was available. What better idea than to join up with two guys from Louisiana and a couple from Brooklyn. The special for the evening was Tongue Tacos, which I am pleased to report were delicious!
What a fabulous day. Nothing daunted we are now ready to tackle our engine problems tomorrow.

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