Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Fond Memories

Here's a blast from the past: Ron and Evelyn brought with them the pictures from our farewell party at the curling club last October. It was so much fun going through all the pictures of the folks that came out to help us celebrate and while I can't post them all here, if you were at the party and would like to see some of the jollity, just let Ron or Evelyn know.

Other than the tan and having shed a few pounds, I feel so different from that night just four months ago. We have learned so much both about living on the boat and exploring different places, but also about ourselves and our abilities. I definitely feel more relaxed (most of the time) and more connected with the natural world. On the other hand I haven't a clue what the latest headline is that's making the rounds of the news channels and since they don't really affect us it's not a worry.

The cake and the decorations were perfect.

Lots of good friends came out to help us celebrate.
And in particular, this whacky group of good friends both put on the party and have been part of the adventure for the past five years.
Thank you all for continuing on this adventure with us, both from afar and in person!

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